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Black River Valley Natural

Established in 2018 by James and Bethany Munn, who had both decided to change their definition of success and leave Healthcare and High Tech Manufacturing to move back to their family farm to churn butter. They started Black River Valley Natural with the intention to provide a better life for their family as well as give back to their rural hometown community. 

Black River Valley Natural is dedicated to providing premium quality dairy products while encouraging the development of a sustainable regional food system and strong economy within the Black River Valley. At the same time, they want to educate our customers and support the proud local agricultural heritage and legacy of their Lewis County family farm partners through a transparent focus on their caring animal handling practices, environmental stewardship, and responsible use of technology and modern production practices.

Each product is made from a small batch, single-origin dairy farm with no blending- meaning that you know exactly where your milk comes from.  All of Black River Valley Natural’s products are made from fresh pasteurized but non-homogenized cream-on-top whole milk using traditional production practices. That means their delicious farm fresh taste will take you back to a simpler time.