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Ripley Family Farm

Ripley Family Farm was established in 1869 and is now on their seventh generation. The farm that you see today was created by Roland and Patricia Ripley. Roland now runs the farm with his sons, Tom and Dan and his grandsons, Seth and Kyle. 

In 1945, the Ripley family started to introduce Guernsey Cows. Over the years they have slowly added more Guernsey Cows to their farm. Guernsey’s are important to the farm, as they provide highly nutritious milk. Part of what makes a Guernsey’s milk so nutritious is the A2 protein. A2 protein assists in helping those with dairy issues. They now have their cows DNA tested to determine which ones carry the A2 protein. This way they can ensure they provide 100% A2 Guernsey milk. One thing quickly led to another and now they want to share their milk with others. A milk with great taste that is easier to digest and absorb, but also a milk for those that once thought they could never drink milk again but now are able to.

“Family is important to us, both the people and the lineage of our Guernseys. With God at the center of our family, we have been able to build our farm and start this venture to bring our Guernsey milk to you. During the summer months, you can find us at county and state fairs showing off our Guernseys and talking to people like you about our cows and their milk.”