Place your order before midnight Wednesday to get it on Saturday. More details...

How It Works

Farms & Shopkeepers harvest and collect based on your order.

We pick up your food directly from the source.

Fresh food is delivered right to your door!






Farms & Shopkeepers harvest and collect based on your order

Through our personal relationships and discussions with your local farmers and businesses, we keep your needs and orders a weekly topic of conversation. By discussing these needs directly with our producers, we are able to get you the best that CNY has to offer; fresh and delivered.


We pick up your food directly from the source.

We go straight to the farm to pick up the very freshest products. This cooperation saves the farmers valuable time that can be spent with their families. It’s no farmer’s dream to stand behind a table at the farmers market all day long.

Why Wednesdays at midnight?

Good food takes time, like most things. There is a reason why eggs in a conventional grocery store are months old before they make it to the display case. We have learned that you can’t simply hop out of your car along the highway because you see a hard-working farmer near their cattle in a pasture and say “Hey! I noticed you have a cow there; I’d like a gallon of milk and a steak, please!”. They need time to fulfill your request. That’s why we invite our customers to meet our farmers halfway and place all orders by Wednesday at midnight for Saturday delivery.


Fresh food; farm-to-fridge

When you receive the text early on Saturday that your Farm Swarming order is on its way to your home, you can be sure that the very best of STRICTLY local and quality ingredients are about to make your week! Collected the night before and sorted that day, we guarantee the very best food and very best customer service.

Where we deliver

Think of us as your online farmer's market!

Our story

Dreamt up by a concerned father, looking to provide for his family and support farms in the process, Farm Swarming has turned the key to sustainable agriculture on-demand, and fostered a thriving local economy that is resilient to the slings and arrows of these troubling times.

In times of crisis and comfort, we maintain a robust network of local farmers and shopkeepers, enabling OUR families and communities to continuously flourish, stay united, and remain strong.