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Brussel Sprouts (1 lb)


Prepared from fresh, clean plants conforming to the characteristics of suitable varieties that follow the process of washing, blanching, sorting, proper draining, and are quickly frozen. 1 lb.

About Dudley

Dudley Poultry Company, Inc., located in the valley of Middlesex, NY part of the picturesque Finger Lakes, was built in 1955 known then as Emerson Poultry Company after its owner a local gentleman named Sandy Emerson.  Emerson Poultry a Wholesale Poultry company supplied grocery stores, meat markets, other poultry wholesalers, and fast-food chains to the Rochester, NY area.

In 1963 Donald Dudley and Lloyd Button, both former employees of the Emerson Produce Company purchased the company and named it the Dudley Poultry Company, Inc. following the fame of local resident and well-known salesman, Don Dudley. 

In December 1984, the business was sold to local business owners and vineyardists, Peter and Linda Jackson. The Jackson’s vision was to give their customers more selection and did so by adding beef and pork which resulted in satisfying the customer's need and growth for this local icon known as Dudley Poultry.

In September 2001 Peter and Linda Jackson sold the company to their daughter, Teresa Jackson who remains its caretaker still today and is proud to operate as a certified Women-Owned Business.   Teresa too had a vision and immediately expanded the product offering further and continues to listen to the needs of what have now become long-standing customers, much more like family than customers, and welcomes new Wholesale customers yearly which offers Dudley more opportunity to listen and grow.

As history details to us, Dudley Poultry has been a local family-owned USDA custom cut meat processor and wholesale distributor for nearly 60 years, and the men and women who have come before us we rely on even today as business decisions and caretaking continues. Under Teresa’s leadership, the delivery area expanded supporting restaurants, grocery stores, and caterers within 100 miles of the expansive Dudley Poultry facility.

Dudley employs 30 local residents and while both Teresa and her Operations Manager Jack have direct reports, the philosophy here at Dudley is keeping senior leaders close to the frontlines. Teresa believes in a ‘Culture of Kindness’ and keeping close to the employees brings those opportunities to recognize and demonstrate this within the organization. Dudley is designed to serve the customers and all the employees play a hand in that whether on the front lines facing the customer or serving someone who is facing our customers.

The business structure is built on: Sales, Production, Truck Drivers, Night Crew, Maintenance, Office Administrators, and Retail Hospitality Staff.

At Dudley they deal in more than food, they deal in stories around tables & campfires, in good times and difficult times…they are tied to the stories.  They believe their success is about relationships with employees, community, vendors, and customers. This is an organization rich in history, withstanding the ever-changing landscape, and here to stay in upstate NY.

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