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Columbus Baking Company

Italian Sandwich Loaf 1 lb. ( sub roll style bread)


Fresh baked Italian bread from local Columbus Baking Company in Syracuse, NY 

Made fresh the morning of delivery!

About Columbus Baking Company

The iconic 120-year-old bread-making business on Syracuse's North Side.

Columbus Baking Co., owned by Jimmy Retzos, is the first stop in the 1-hour documentary on bakeries. Sebak interviews Retzos and his son, Jimmy "Junior" Retzos, and several customers. The film crew follows the bakery crew as they produce its signature round, flat, point and sandwich loaves.

Columbus makes only bread, and uses a simple dough of water, flour, salt and yeast. The film crew shows the old dough troughs and other antique elements of the shop, including the ovens that Retzos says create the even heat that makes the bread what it is.

"This is how we've done it since time began," Retzos says.

 At one point, Jimmy Retzos Sr. is seen popping a piece of bread in his mouth. "I do eat what I make, you know," he says.

The takeaway from the segment on Columbus is its simplicity -- different from some of the other profiled bakeries that do cakes, cupcakes, cookies and ever wilder creations.

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