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Food and Ferments

Kimchi (15.5 oz)


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Traditional Kimchi –  2019 Good Food Award FINALIST!

The perfect punch of spicy and tangy! Made with certified organic Napa Cabbage and tasty Daikon radishes, our kimchi has a hint of local apples for sweetness and is combined with our handmade Gochujang paste; a feisty blend of chilies, ginger, garlic, onions, and fish sauce.  Fermented in barrels to perfection!

Ideal for your rice bowl, grilled meats, or straight-from-the jar side dish. Hot enough for spice lovers, but not overwhelming for those with more mild palates.

All-natural, no preservatives. Gluten-free. 

About Food and Ferments

Welcome to a world of edible alchemy, where the age-old preservation technique of lacto-fermentation is alive and well. Where fresh vegetables transform throughout the seasons into tangy sauerkrauts, crunchy pickles, and spicy kimchis. It’s a place where sweet teas ferment into sparkling kombucha and seasonal produce is preserved for the weeks and months ahead through the creative art of fermentation.

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