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Lollipop Tree

Mango Garlic Marinade


Lollipop Tree®' makes three delicious marinades for the grill.

Apple Chipotle is a spicy sauce infused with chipotle peppers and tart apples that will make your entree sizzle with flavor. Superb for grilling chicken, beef, pork ribs and shrimp or accenting fajitas and tofu.

Mango Garlic contains sweet mangoes, roasted garlic and a hint of ginger, which makes this sauce an elegant choice for grilling salmon and shrimp. Delicious served as a dipping sauce for tempura, crab cakes or fresh garden vegetables.

Honey Hickory blends golden honey and classic hickory with fresh garden tomatoes and spices to lend just the right kick to the newest barbecue sauce. Fire up the grill and glaze chicken, pork or beef for a down-home country feast.

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