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Engelbert Farms

Organic Gouda: Dill (8oz)


Engelbert cheeses are made from organic milk produced by intensively pastured dairy cows.  The cows get a fresh paddock of grass every day throughout the grazing season, resulting in healthy cows who produce high-quality, nutrient-dense milk.  The milk is never co-mingled with milk from other farms. Organic, Natural Rind Gouda is sold in the following varieties:  plain, dill and smoked.

About Engelbert Farms

Engelbert Farms, a certified organic dairy farm located in Nichols, NY. The Engelbert Family, now on their fifth generations of farmers, have been farming in Nichols since 1911, but farming in the Southern Tier since 1848. In 1984, they became the first Certified Organic Dairy Farm in the United States! No chemicals are ever used on their fields, and no antibiotics, hormones, nor synthetic wormers are ever used on their animals.

The majority of their milk is sold under the Organic Valley label, however they do keep milk back five or six times per year to make it into organic cheese. Engelbert Farms works with another local business, Lively Run Dairy, who takes Engelbert’s milk and makes it into a delicious variety of cheeses. Their milk is never co-mingled with milk from other farms, and is true artisan cheese, with every batch made by hand.

Engelbert also raises certified organic beef cattle. All of their livestock are on lush pastures during the grazing season and are fed, homegrown feed that is sourced and grown right on their farm. This ensures that they know all of their animals are receiving the highest quality feed possible. Engelbert believes “local” goes hand in hand with “organic”, so they try to market their products as locally as possible. Their tagline is “Buy Local, It Matters!”

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