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Engelbert Farms

Organic Moochego (Manchego-style cheese, 8oz)


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Engelbert cheeses are made from organic milk produced by intensively pastured dairy cows.  The cows get a fresh paddock of grass every day throughout the grazing season, resulting in healthy cows who produce high-quality, nutrient-dense milk.  The milk is never co-mingled with milk from other farms. Organic Moochego is a Manchego-style cheese with natural rind. 

About Engelbert Farms

We have been farming organically since 1981, and have been certified organic since 1984. We recently learned that we were the first certified organic dairy farm in the country! We sold our organic milk into the conventional market for 20 years until we joined CROPP Cooperative and started shipping milk to Organic Valley in August 2001. No chemicals are ever used on our fields, and no antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic wormers are ever used on our animals.

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