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Drover Hill Farm

Sliced Roast Beef - No Nitrates (avg 1.2 lbs)

$17.93 $16.99

Yay!!! I'ts finally here! You are going to love the simplicity of this ready-to-eat sliced roast beef for those times when you're in a hurry and still need a healthy option. With no funny business or ingredients you can't pronounce and nitrite and nitrate free, this is the best roast beef you'll ever have without cooking the roast yourself. 

Great for a sandwich, added to salads, or rolled up with some lettuce and tomato, it's quick and easy. 

Each package is roughly a pound each. 

As you’ve likely come to expect, all of our beef is pasture-raised, and none of our animals are given hormones, steroids, drugs, or antibiotics. Our cattle are ethically raised and free to roam the pastures.

About Drover Hill Farm

We strive to create a pasture-based ecosystem that works with nature and honors its abundance. We strive to provide the most natural, stress-free, pasture-based life possible for our livestock so they live happy lives, just as nature intended. Our goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer you can know and trust.

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